Complaints About Australian Telecommunications Services Falls to 5-Year Low

In 2012-13 consumer complaints to Australia’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) have fallen to a five-year low, according an annual report released by the TIO.

 New complaints about landline, mobile and internet issues in the 2012-13 financial year totalled 158,652, which was a decrease of 18.1% on the previous year.
Mobile phone complaints comprised of approximately 57% of all new complaints, but this number had reduced by a factor of 25.6% from the previous year.
Landline complaints decreased 9.3% to 33,940, internet complaints increased by approximately 1.9% to 31,431.
The following areas also reduced in 2012-2013 – Billing and payment issues, customer service complaints and overall fault concerns.
The number of Telecommunications related complaints have dropped 2 years in a row, due to an increased commitment from Telco’s, improved industry codes and also a focus on compliance.
The main reasons people complained about mobile services, was due to reduced or no reception, poor voice quality and dropped calls, in 2012-13, 25,770 consumers made a complaint about these issues, which is a 13.5% decrease in comparison to 2011-12. Coverage was an issue in 28.2 percent of new complaints about mobile related services.