Telecommunications Support

The team at Telco Broker have over 15 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry, having worked in Management roles, as Sales people and as Engineers for all the major Telco’s, this experience means we are well placed to support you with any Telco decision regardless of how big or small.

Does your business need telecommunications support?

Is your IT department or administrative staff spending a lot of time sorting out telecommunications issues with suppliers, managing internal requests and managing a steady stream of changes to your telco services? Why not outsource telecommunications support to TelcoBroker.

If you have a constant flow of employees being employed or leaving your business, our telecommunications support services will ensure that your staff are provided with the telecommunications services that they need and in addition keeping your accounts accurate and only paying for what you are using.

Depending on the size of your business, keeping on top of your telecommunications bills and credits can be extremely time consuming. Due to our expertise in the market, working with a diverse array of vendors we are able to liaise with telecommunications suppliers on your behalf, assist with the procurement of new services, the deployment of existing projects and ensuring that your accounts are in order.

Our telecommunications support services can be customised based on the needs of your business regardless of how big or small the problems are that you need addressed. We can assist you with ongoing reviews of your technology, bills, rates that you are spending, hardware audits, future planning, and even mundane things such as following up credits and delivery dates for services and hardware.

Call Telco Broker for an obligation free consultation, we can tailor our service to suit your needs.