Telecommunications Brokerage

Telco Broker can work with you to select a new Telco Provider or negotiate with your incumbent. We routinely save our clients between 20-40% off their Telecommunications Bills.

Telecommunications Consulting

Telco Broker can provide impartial and independent third party consulting services and advice. We can help with technology decisions, billing, audits, expense management and cost reduction strategies.

Telecommunications Management

Telco Broker can assist you with the every day management of your Telecommunications, from liaising with your vendors, adding or deleting services, tracking expenses, managing warranty claims and reviewing bills.

Telecommunications Audit

Telco Broker can audit staff phone bills, maintain an asset register and help you keep track of your hardware and devices.

Telecommunications support

Our telecommunications support services can be customised based on the needs of your business regardless of how big or small the problems are that you need addressed.

Telecommunications Bill Analysis

Let Telco Broker analyse your existing bill and usage, and recommend some better and more effective alternatives.

Telecommunications Procurement

Telco Broker can manage the entire procurement lifecycle end to end, from RFP, Vendor Selection, through to implementation and support.

Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Review

Telco Broker can provide you with a complimentary review of all your Audio, Web, Video Conferencing Services, we first need to understand how you and your staff utilise conferencing and collaboration technology.

Telecommunications Tender Writing

If your procurement or IT departments don’t have the time or energy to review your Telecommunications Services and don’t have the capacity to conduct workshops, prepare tender documentation, submit RFT, RFP, RFQ and EOI’s, screen vendors and review the responses, then you should consider engaging a company with Telecommunications expertise to manage this process for you.

Phone System Relocation

If you are planning on moving offices or are setting up a new office, there are quite a number of moving parts to take into consideration and the logistics of ensuring that all your essential Telecommunications and technology related services are relocated properly can be a major undertaking.